Malin Dunfors


Vancouver, Canada

Malin Dunfors

Journalist | Web Writer | Editor


Why Algernon Pharmaceuticals could have the leading therapeutic drug for the COVID-19 pandemic

While Pfizer and Moderna use a brand-new technology for their COVID-19 vaccines, Vancouver-based Algernon Pharmaceuticals focuses on repurposing drugs.
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How Newtopia’s next-generation habit change platform puts disease prevention front and centre

The Toronto-based virtual care company is bringing forward a preventative approach to healthcare.
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Sauder research inspires creativity-boosting app

Prof. Juliet Zhu’s research on how ambient noise affects creativity has inspired the creation of an app.
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Sauder grad puts family doctor house calls online

A Sauder alumnus launches a start-up that transforms the traditional GP house call visit using video.
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Sauder grads revolutionize retail

In the midst of New York Fashion Week, one Sauder BCom alumna took to the stage.
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Sauder Executive Education to benefit South African NGO

Patrick Newton Bondo's web search landed him on the other side of the planet.
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Malin Dunfors

I got started in journalism while taking my B.A. in Communications/Journalism at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu, Hawaii. I covered tiger sharks to the local music scene, and everything in between, but definitely did not do enough surfing.

After spending several years as a journalist, editor and copywriter in Canada, Australia, the US, the UK and Taiwan, I found myself in Vancouver.

Happiest when I'm in the outdoors, I've worked with organizations such as the Canadian Olympic Committee, the Canadian Elite Basketball League, ASUS and the Swedish Ski Association.

I'm available for all types of editorial and journalism work. Please feel free to connect or email me. I look forward to chatting with you.